Accomidating to

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The possibilities are infinite and it’s totally up to you to choose what you want to experience.

HEC students are offered the possibility to live on Campus by renting a room in one of the 18 student halls, which are divided into more than 1,400 furnished rooms and flats.

Firstly, the article considers the implications of being ‘international’ for academic language policies and practices, but observes that despite the diverse international composition of university student (and to a lesser extent, staff) populations, university language policies and practices are still grounded in largely national (British and North American) English norms.

The HEC campus provides a wide range of accommodation facilities, which gives students a full access to the HEC experience.

Surrounded by the woods and many sports facilities, students from all HEC programs share unique moments among an exceptional student body representing more than 40 nationalities.

You can bond over a meal at the dinner table or make friends at Party of the Week -POW.

There are all sorts of clubs which you can join and meet people who share similar interests as yours.

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