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In fact, the secret to six-figure blogging is affiliate marketing. if you are monetizing your website with the right affiliate program then it can make a lot of money with little effort (of course you need a content rich website with a handsome amount of targeted traffic).It’s just that it takes some time to figure out what’s converting and what’s not.OPW - Dec 12 - went down, along with other Avalanche Media products Gk2gk and a few weeks back forwards to Matchmaker and Gk2gk is live again. The company has suffered for not having a good mobile offering of late.Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Networks: What’s What, And What’s Not?Affiliate programs are also called associate programs and it’s a deal between an advertiser and a publisher.Consequently, please replace these links as soon as possible with links from active advertisers.

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If you have a content rich website then there are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs and affiliate networks available on the web that can make you a fortune.

The word on the grapevine is internal strife and a legal suit. Now Commission Junction is down, according to one of their affiliates. Please be aware that, one of the advertisers you are joined to in the Commission Junction network, has been deactivated.

While is deactivated, you will not receive commissions for traffic you drive via the advertiser's banners, text links, and/or other link types.

You will receive another email from Commission Junction alerting you to the advertiser's reactivation. Affiliates put a lot of work into getting SEO rank.

The good ones (like the one who sent me the heads up on this) deserve to have more notice and more respect than 'oops, now we're not payin' ya.' I guess it comes with the territory, but still, we can surely do better by affiliates.

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