Dating keen kutter pocketknives

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and a summary of the other brands utilized on the firm's knives, such as Hornet, Laclede, and Oak Leaf (these brands are not represented elsewhere in the book).

This is followed by a general introduction to pocketknife patterns, blade shapes, handle materials, tang stamps, and that sort of thing.

After Val-Test acquired the trademark they removed the "Shapleigh's" leaving the top of the logo blank (Fig. Val-Test discontinued the Keen Kutter line of goods during the 1990s.

Also during the 1990s limited use of the Keen Kutter trademark was authorized for a line of pocket knives distributed by Frost Cutlery Co.

After Shapleigh acquired the Keen Kutter trademark it was modified by replacing the "E. Simmons" in the top of the logo with Shapleigh's (Fig. Shapleigh continued to use the trademark on products until they went out of business in 1960.

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The main section of over 1100 antique knife illustrations is organized in a manner that should be familiar to knife collectors, as Mr.

Sellens has sorted the knives first by number of blades and then by pattern number, the same way that Case knives are usually presented.

Val-Test allows smaller wholesale hardware companies to order goods.

The orders are combined with orders from other hardware companies allowing for quantity discounts from manufactures.

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