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Schultz was a Red River physician and belonged to a group called Canada First, a nationalistic political movement that offered little place in Confederation for natives and French Canadians. But Riel took the offensive and seized 45 of the men and kept them prisoner inside the fort.Schultz eventually escaped and the other prisoners were released in early February 1870 without incident.Later that month, some of Schultz's men regrouped and again they were captured by Riel and held at Fort Garry. Within a month, Riel's uprising would turn bloody and the tide would turn against Red River Resistance.Among Schultz's men was a big, aggressive man from Ontario named Thomas Scott.To date, the uprising had been a relatively peaceful affair despite attempts by some opponents of Riel to stir up trouble.In late 1869, a man named John Christian Schultz had mustered a group of Ontario settlers to oppose Riel's uprising.Style: Trance DJ: Sied van Riel Title: Rielism 069Date: Quality: 192 kbps Size: 78 MB Tracklist: 01. Style: Trance DJ: Sied van Riel Title: Rielism 066Date: Quality: 192 kbps Size: 84 MB Tracklist: 01. Giggs Superstar - I Don't Care (Maor Levi & Bluestone club mix)02. Betsie Larkin & Sied van Riel - The Offering (Save The Robot remix)04.

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​On July 1, 1867, the modern nation state called Canada resulted when the British colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick united.

In short order, Ontario and Quebec were created and then over time, more provinces and territories were added to the young country.

Riel and his mostly Métis supporters had seized Fort Garry, which served as the administrative centre for the prairie region known as Red River.

He had formed a provisional government and had won the Canadian government's attention. Macdonald seemed prepared to negotiate with Riel over the transfer of the prairie territory to Canada.

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