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Current debates about which are the “best” fossil dates for calibration move to consideration of the most appropriate constraints on the ages of tree nodes.

Because fossil-based dates are constraints, and because molecular evolution is not perfectly clock-like, analysts should use more rather than fewer dates, but there has to be a balance between many genes and few dates versus many dates and few genes.

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The order of algae with the best fossil record are the Dasycladales, which are calcified unicellar forms of elegant construction dating back at least to the (cyanobacteria).

These Palaeozoic marine arthropods exhibited an immense diversity of size and form and thus are of great stratigraphic and palaeoecological importance.

An application for the conservation of the name , for a genus of Late Devonian trilobites, was a benchmark case for the Commission: it was the first case to be placed, in its entirety, on the World Wide Web, stimulating comments from the academic community concerned with the taxonomy and stratigraphic importance of these organisms.

Since its foundation, the Commission has considered numerous applications dealing with the names of fossils including foraminifera, brachiopods, molluscs (e.g. The Commission has ruled on such key genera as, in many cases defining these genera by determining their type species.

Such is the stratigraphic precision of these fossils that they are even used to direct sideways drilling within an oil-bearing horizon to increase well productivity.

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