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Yes, tonight was just like Valentine’s Day only not terrible. In the past, The Office has gone to extreme lengths to keep Andy and Erin apart.

Actually, it was nothing like Valentine’s Day except that it involved love and a large ensemble. That somehow hasn’t stopped since they began dating.

At times, her guilelessness even verges on airheaded-ness, like her belief that disposable cameras are a waste because you throw them away once you use up the roll, and thus never get to see the pictures.

Writers: Jonathan Green, Gabe Miller Director: David Rogers Summary (NBC): Andy learns he is related to Michelle Obama — Darryl has a hard time in his new role as assistant regional manager when Andy flaunts his bloodlines.

Nellie tries to convince Pam that Jim is having an affair, and Jim reveals his secret in the warehouse.

In a poll conducted October 4-8, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.71/10 See all The Office Season 9 ratings.

That person has really gotten him or herself into quite a predicament.

Her primary foster home was a strict Christian household, which isn’t a surprise to anyone who knows her. No matter what is going on around her, Erin is sure she’s living in the best of all possible worlds. Pam lasted a day with Michael before wanting her old job back, but she’d already been replaced. Commonplace banalities – i Pods, disposable cameras – are enough to captivate her. Not being completely upfront caused tension between them and it became more and more difficult to keep it concealed.

As a child, she would hide her face in her hair to distance herself from her situation. She’s new here in Scranton, Pa., and loves it so far. She replaced Pam once Pam left to join Michael Scott Paper Company. She admires co-worker Kelly, for instance, because she gets her clothes at the mall. At first they wanted to keep it a secret, but that was difficult in ways they hadn’t expected.

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